Baby M

Baby M decided that she was hungry and didn't want to sleep during her photo shoot, either that or she was really modest and didn't appreciate only being in a diaper. We will be attempting round two at a later date :). Her parents were so good at trying to make her happy by giving her their finger to suck on and then they would do a quick release and my shutter would go crazy. I am still trying new editing techniques until I find what I like.. but for now I am just enjoying the amazing baby in the images. I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what I'm working on until I have the rest of them completed. This is not helping my urge to have a baby! Isn't she so cute!


  1. LOVE. the back wrinkles - LOVE. The itty bitty hand gripping the finger - LOVE. Good pictures, Sarah!

  2. The back wrinkles are the best ever!